On Saturday, September 22nd,

12 youth & 13 adults


St. Francis of Assisi Parish attended

a mobile packing event


Feed My Starving Children.

At this spiritual led event on Saturday,

total of 115 volunteers

worked side by side

from all denominations.

By our hands,

we packed 99 meal boxes

(21,000 meals) in 55 minutes.

Over the entire weekend,

grand total of 567 boxes

were made & over a

450 volunteers participated

which produced 124,614 meals..


“340 kids will be fed;

1 meal a day for 1 year...”

These kids from

all over the world

will not starve

because of our efforts.....

Praise God!!!!”

We would like to THANK all

youth participants, adults & kitchen angels. Thanks for all of the support, prayers & wonderful youth music at mass.

We couldn’t do this without everyone’s help

& especially the event itself

“Feed My Starving Children”

which was hosted by

Santa Claus United Methodist Church.

We all had an awesome time

& felt blessed for serving.

Thank you,

Angie & Eric Evans